$10 1870 National Gold Bank Note Fr. 1142 San Francisco Charter #1741 PMG VF 20

Best price in may many years for this rarity. A PMG 1870 Gold National at this price—is lower than any similar for years…. Please compare–This Note is Rare. Save 20% from recent prior sales////. Only 9 graded by PMG. Highest is 25—ours at VF 20 in PMG & 2nd finest known. See dates and detail […]

$20 1870 National GOLD BANK Note==EXTREME RARITY==Ch. 1741==PMG

A rarity of the highest caliber The national gold bank notes of California were first issued under the act of July 12, 1870. The act allowed for nine gold banks in California and one in Boston (which never released any notes) to issue national bank notes redeemable in gold coin. The purpose was to facilitate […]

$20 1875 The First Charter National Bank Note PMG 58 EPQ Baptism of Pocahontas

Alluring due to their pleasing vignettes, first charter nationals embrace the viewers eyes and elicit thoughts of wonder and awe. All first charter national bank notes incorporate a work-of-art on the reverse. With the EPQ moniker, waiting for a nicer example with superior eye appeal may prove to be in vain. If you have any […]